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I think realms should have a functional chat room where a guild can not control who is allowed to be in it. Yes my realm has tried to create a separate chat room for our server to use for social interaction but a big guild has been trolling these chat rooms and putting passwords on them and banning players even the ones who created them from the chat rooms.

How old am I: 34
Nationality: Welsh
What is my favourite music: Dance
In my spare time I love: Dancing

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Oh, well.

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I wear boxers. Why don't you go and tell all my demon friends how horrible I am.

Can't you kick her out? Oh WAIT, wrong forums. I'll think about it. The chair that I sit on all day? We're going to hold off on the decimation for, like, a week or so.

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Post by Abura I did not say it wasn't posted, I must've missed the Off-Topic forums then for some reason. An armoire. The expansion is called "Wrath of the Lich King. I'll act casual. They will be shocked. I deny everything : Hahaha : Ok guys this is lame let's just go to a different chat room : NO! Look it up. Post by Fathios Still funny.

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Connect with Wowhead. I thought you could just lock!

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That's just. You spent ten years on these morons and you didn't even finish the job? I'm done.

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I think I should get a thermostat. Like old times. The furniture. Why do you have a cat?

World of warcraft classic: chat channels and their uses

Post by Interest I reported it, this time, Gnub. That's not necessary : Hold on I'll go get him.

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You don't think a few guilds are going to be farming me as soon as I'm a fightable boss? No need to yell at the guy.

Tropic Thunder, great movie. Post by Random Three times excluding this one. Do you know who Sargeras actually is? Live PTR. Classic TBC. It's still general wow chat anyways these days isn't it!

Wow chat rooms

I hate ponies! Post by Sagramor I reported it, this time, Gnub.

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Post by Random Old chat log is old. Two seconds. I hate this guy.

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The throne is frozen. Post by MasterOfDisguise Old chat log is old.

How to say, shout, and generally get your message across in wow

Post by Abura Well shoot me and put me in a box and drop me in the ocean then. Can I get my power transferred to some other source? Maybe an armoire.

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Post by This post was from a user who has deleted their. Post by buzz I know for a fact this has been posted in the off topic forum already.

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With thorns on them. Post by Interest Funny, but reposting was rather Post by Sagramor There are two others here.

I'm the Lich King, it's sort of what I do. Literally a block of ice.

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How much trouble do you think it would be to have a thermostat installed in the Throne Room? Post by eXceSSum Why didn't you just link the site it's from rather than pasting the whole thing? The "Spider War. Mosquito lands on me, I squish it. Post by UrAgahn Should have ed the community a long time ago for something like this.

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And yes, I've seen this on the forums before. Oh you do want to die don't you. I sure would like to have those bugs back again!