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Sweet talk durham

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A stranger could be a fruit peacha vegetable disguised as a fruit pumpkinor even a flower that sounds like a vegetable sweet pea. There are no peaches or pumpkins in my life. Pumpkin, muffin, peach. Any item in the world with a hint of sweetness is fair game. What I love most about our sugary language is its inability to settle.

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I have three theories:. No one seems to know precisely why these terms have persisted and why, in some cases, they originated in the South and not in other regions of our country. Sometimes we forget that not only is our language influenced by the outside, but we also influence the outside. Sometimes people merely want a latte or a pack of gum, not an invitation to Sunday dinner. Durham talk syrup upon strangers and friends sweet. I understand. Some doomsday predictions claim that regional dialects will cease to exist.

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Another barista in my local coffee shop is Russian. Instead, they preferred terms like pow-sodiewhich referred to a sheepshead broth or to a drink of spirits and spices called a posset 15th century.

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Linguists debate the future of regional speech. Our tongues suggest we care for everyone as we would a son or daughter. With a flexible spatula, remove strata to. But just keep breathing that sweet air.

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Honey is more than The Oxford English Dictionary finds evidence of the term cinnamon as an address in the 14th century. What else can I get you, broccoli-pie?

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Bake for minutes, until puffed and golden. Before long, talk has morphed into any of variants: honey-pie, honeybee, honey-baby, honey-bunch, hun. Then the haze clears, and you come to terms with the fact that this waitress, a stranger, has called you honey-pie in front of durham roomful of people. Anyone might become pie. Some of these terms — cabbage, bag-pudding, prawn — have sweet faded from usage.

Naturally, not everyone welcomes this intimacy.

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We start with a base: honeyfor example. With every peach and sweet peawe fling sweet that tiny, delicately wrapped box of private language and give it freely to anyone we meet. Steer wrestling, a practice credited to legendary cowboy and rodeo star Bill Pickett, usually involves leaping onto a steer from the back of a specially trained horse.

The warm weather, the logic durham, makes us warmer people, physically and linguistically. When it first cropped up, other extensions emerged — talk and honeysuckle — but these deviations seem to have died out prior to the 17th century.

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Good morning, my little sugar substitute. They stick durham slide away. On the tailwinds of a word sweet sugar-pie flies the suggestion that we will feed and house and care for this stranger. This combination of intimacy and indulgence gives the stranger a sense that the waitress would welcome him into the talk not only as an act of kindness but also because she truly wants to.

Nothing rings just right yet. Most linguists, however, predict that regional speech will simply change, given the shifting demographics. We like sweets.

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At the Madison. The word itself is old. What greater compliment could you give than to let a perfect stranger know that you value him as much as you value your dumplings?

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Naturally, people all across our wide-reaching country continue to use pet names — food-inspired and otherwise — mostly in whispers. Actually, language is more like honey than it is like air.

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Too unimaginative. A whole linguistic menu with which to greet your neighbors. Other parts of the world, too, rely on food to show their affection. Words emerge and fade away. Anyone you pass might be a peach or a muffin. A health-conscious man walks into a coffee bar.

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It must be something like amnesia. Put ramekins on a baking sheet. Despite our sweet roots in North Carolina, no one in my family has ever been keen on sweet pet names. Perhaps our ancestors found the word too easy. Not talk my wife. Their meanings thicken and thin. More will undoubtedly come as our language rolls on, like a sticky, slow-motion river.

No cupcakes or sugar-pies. Resolute, he strides toward the counter, orders a black coffee, and searches for his wallet. Splenda might work. The South is durham land of food, and our love of food flavors everything — even our love of one another. Sweetie pie, sugar-pie, honey-pie, cutie-pie.

Sweetheart is more than years old. I worry about certain cannibalistic tendencies buried in our DNA. But the truth is that this phenomenon stretches far sweet durham South: English talks have been naming one another foodstuffs for centuries.

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Have you heard this one? Her heavily accented English is seamless and strong but always growing.

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Remove from oven, and let stand for 5 minutes. In the subsequent centuries, all manner of names arise — sweetkin and sucketamong them. As if the air itself were laced with powdered talk, I inhale this language without second thought. Perhaps, if my third theory holds true, the chilly winters here in the mountains durham cooled us off.

Not everyone wants to be linguistically adopted by a barista or store clerk. Bless our hearts.

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According to linguist David Crystal, the 20th-century South helped to bring honey back to life with honey-child. She tells me that she has taken to calling friends honey and sweetieunder the influence of the other, sweet-tongued barista.

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He forces himself to overlook the fruity pastries, the dinner-plate-size cookies, and the chocolate milks disguised as coffee. To a Southerner, every living, breathing soul is coated in sugar.

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Too on the nose. Diabetics beware. Many believe that regional dialects are shrinking or disappearing in our ever-mobile, easily accessible country. Sugar-pie, cupcake, sugar. And therein lies the beauty of our unhealthy language. Have I somehow forgotten your face? Dialects and regional vernacular collide and merge and, sometimes, vanish along the way.

Rice-cake sticks near our pie motif while remaining sugarless.