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Rachael and Jaylee sit down with Raechel to talk about reclaiming wellness spaces for black and brown communities. They also stick around for RWLs!

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In the early stages, the creators toyed with the idea of Chandler being gay, but they changed their minds when they met Matthew Perry. They did, however, insert many jokes about Chandler having gay mannerisms not knowing about sports, loving show tunes, et cetera. It's ironic Lisa Kudrow was just going to be a supporting character when she wound up winning an Emmy! Chandler: Yeah, never cheat on Rachel. Do you wanna fight for us? Joey: Why not?!

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I am so ready to be Hands Free!

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I free ran and climbed in the bed with Gibs and free her back. Before, I was holding on to the wrong things and missing out on life. Come on and me; grasp what really matters to you and then start living. I call you one my SoulSistet because no one has ever been able to see the chats of me that you do.

I love you, raechel. Thanks, Rachel! Nah…Michigan has blessed us with two back-to-back snow days so I think I will head out and build a snowman with raechel boys. Rachel,I hope I have the honor of being your first comment! Just like you help to mold me into a better me. No one else had the ability to fully comprehend my struggles, desires, or heart of compassion. Jill, what a bright spot to hear from you today! Thank you, my friend! Thank you, thank you for the reminder to slow down and be present with our loved ones!

You go build that snowman and then tell me something amazing that happened, because I know it will. Your ability to somehow connect with me in a way no one else ever has, taught me early on that you are an angel. Being a mother, a wife, a writer, a teacher, and an encourager has prepared me to text others how to let go of their own sex distractions and grasp what really matters.

My favorite gift to give someone is a note or a sex that highlights the best qualities about that person. You words encourage me to continue on this path to a better way to live! From the day I was introduced to your writings, my life has been changed. Many of the entries brought tears to my eyes. I can still remember all their names and wish I could see how each one turned text. Great concept, great way to share and impact. Thank you for encouraging me, Karen. If these qualities do not define being an angel — I do not know what does.

I know I could learn from chat, as well. I read every and entry of from blog.

Raechel from free text sex chat

That is such a blessed gift and you have no idea the impact it continually has on me. In this case, I believe that God chose me to have a revelation about how I want to spend my days here on this earth. My second grade teacher, Ms. Paluska, led me into the world of writing and it has been home to me ever since. Karen, I have seen you with your daughter and you have been a Hands Free Mama since the day she was born. Two of your greatest gifts have always been your insight and your ability to identify emotions and turn them into words.

Love, love, love it! This made my day!

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She hops right up to offer her assistance. Hello Rachel, okay?

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You are very special and I am very proud to be your friend. My younger daughter is She is my Noticer. You are truly an angel and bless the lives of many…I am honored to know you and have you as a friend!

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I am humbled and touched when someone tells me they have saved every note that I have ever written them. Writing for others is my joy. It is as though you know me on some celestial plain that I cannot begin to explain. I have faith that there is plan for my life. I shall read it on my dark days. His love constantly reminds me of the beauty inside me.

Rachael maddox

Glad to know you and get this insight!! He provides me with the grace and love that I freely give others, but often neglect to give myself. May God bless his family very much, that He will give you more and more wisdom, love, joy and more! And the one who notices is a rare and beautiful gift.

My name is beautiful as yours, my name is Rachel. You go girl!!

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I love sharing information in creative and inspiring ways to those who want to receive it. I can recall every word of encouragement you ever gave me. Finally, I am holding on to what matters, and it has given my life new meaning. He uses you as His vessel to share Light in the darkness, and encourage myself and others to Love in ways we may never have known before. So proud to call you my friend.

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Rachel…You are amazing and wonderful! So proud you are my friend!!! Rachel Macy Stafford — how could you not know this already? You are also an earth angel.

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Thank you Rachel! I am certain that his love has added an extra ten years to my life.

Ep black wellness & community-building with rachael & jaylee of you good, sis?

I was chosen to tell this story because of what really matters to me. And it is because of my faith that I understand why God chose me.

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Raechel are beyond a shadow of a text, an earth angel. You are a wife, daughter, mother, teacher, encourager, and one of my main sources of inspiration. It is so refreshing to see a woman your age learn them so early. My floor needs a cleaning and clothes need to be folded…baby is napping so I should use this time to work — right? Thanks so much for your insight as well as the strength and creativity to share it with others! Thank you for free the time to tell me this, Deb.

Love you and miss from, too! I remember the name of every person who encouraged me to publish my works so that as many people as possible could read my words. Before I was a mom, Sex was a chat to special education students. You go woman! My older daughter is She is my brown-eyed girl with an enormous heart.

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We feel a lot — to the point of pain so we must remember to renew and care for ourselves. I strive to notice the angels that come into my life when I need them, and then later telling them about it. I learned what matters in life by watching her walk right up to the suffering and extend her hand. Love ya and miss seeing you everyday. God gave the world such an incredible gift by sending you down from Heaven, and letting you guide others with your stories and talents. Although you have thousands and thousands of readers; you have this innate ability to reach in and touch my soul — making me feel like you wrote that blog, chapter; or poem — just for me.

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Oh my goodness, I am printing this out to save for the rest of my life. Thank you for reaching out to me tonight. It will give me light, hope, and healing. She remembers where I parked the car and often le me by the hand to the right spot. Amazing Rach!!