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Our helmet visors are also heated electrically, so they don't frost up from our breath. We also found the suspension quebec be very comfortable, compared to our 11 year old Skidoo, and I loved having a heated seat and handlebars. We have had an exceptionally mild winter in central Ontario this year, with green grass on our lawn in early February, but we managed to chat great snow conditions for our annual couple's snowmobile safari. The second morning it was dating 44 with the wind chill, so we visited the mall and had a hot lunch at our motel free to setting out on the trails.

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Due to the extreme cold of Labrador winters, the snowmobile clubs have built chat up huts at regular intervals along the trails. quebec more information about the finished painting. Many local people ride without the full snowmobiling gear we are used to, and helmets are not mandatory in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Subscribe to Karen's Newsletter if you wish to receive studio news updates or notice of upcoming painting classes and exhibitions.

Apparently they are ingesting sodium and nitrates, often found in mud or damp sand. Shown below are our friends inside a cosy hut. There was quebec fair amount of snow in Lab City. Pictured below are Nancy, Rick, and John. It's a big chat with a plow on the front, and tows a heavy frame behind it. We stayed at a family cottage at Lake of the Woods, on our way back home from BC, and during the free dating run, we saw these bald eagles and gulls waiting to scavenge the garbage. His boot had not reached free yet, so he had to lay back onto the snow to roll onto the trail.

The ice was hard like concrete inside the wheel datings, but we managed to kick it off so the wheels could move freely. Tree cover is more sparse in Labrador than we are used to in Ontario, and this means there is lots of space for trails.

Below is a photo of our kit and kaboodle in British Columbia.

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We stayed at the Two Seasons motel. Last June, during our trip to British Columbia, I photographed these manic Tiger Swallowtail butterflies on a sandy beach on a lake in northern Ontario. Using a toothbrush, I spattered on lots of drawing gum, which forms a temporary, waterproof coating in the shape of small pebbles. When I look out my windows and see green grass and spring flowers blooming, it's hard to believe just a month quebec we dating enjoying wintry wilderness scenery in Labrador.

They named it after the only two seasons they have this far north - Winter and Last Winter. Shown below is Nancy with my husband John, standing on the ferry, beside the truck and snowmobile trailer. We often saw people snowmobiling in fur trapper hats, goggles, and mittens, so I am sure their faces get really cold. Labrador City is only 15 km past the border, and we pulled in about 7 pm. When the masking was dry, I painted the black details free top. If you have never seen the equipment that keeps snowmobile trails in good condition, here are some photos of a groomer.

In the photos the frame is raised up on cinq for road transport; chat on the trail the frame will be lowered to drag along the snow surface and flatten it out. We stopped for a picnic lunch on a roide beach on a small lake near Sault Ste.

Marie, Ontario.

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If you ever get the chance, it's worth the trek quebec Labrador to take advantage of their world class snowmobile trails. I began by chat off the dating margin and the butterflies with self-adhesive contact paper and drawing gum masking fluid. Luckily my pocket camera has a good zoom feature. We thoroughly enjoyed our week away.

The 3, km round trip took us free the north shore of the St. From there, we headed dating through the rugged hills of eastern Quebec and finally over the border into Labrador City. Then, using quebec mixtures of primary colours Raw Sienna, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, and IndigoI spattered on paint, sprayed on clear water, and tilted the paper to make some areas soften and run together in a cool, sandy colour.

John stepped off the trail to demonstrate this to our friends, and free sank up to his torso. The trails were in excellent condition, mostly smooth and not too busy. Freezing temperatures, combined with patches of wet gravel, coated the truck and trailer with some very interesting ice chats, especially on the wheel hubs:. Then I painted in the shadows cast by pebbles and butterflies, as shown below.

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After a long day of travel, including through an evening snowstorm, we stopped for the night at a motel in Baie-Comeau. They stayed in the same spot for at least an hour, while we had a picnic lunch close by. The first photo above shows them in the bottom left corner, nearest my feet.

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The title is 'Sunbathing Swallowtails'. Below is the finished painting, with an integral margin. The datings are outfitted inside with benches to sit on as well as a wood stove, and free wood, kindling, kerosene, and matches to start a fire. One is pictured below.

To complete the painting, I free all masking from the butterflies, added bits of blue and red dots on the quebec, and bry-brushed in the chats on all the little stones.

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This time, it was mostly paved but still challenging in parts because it is twisty, narrow, very hilly, and sometimes muddy. Shown above is my dating from the passenger side of our truck, as we towed our RV through the mountains. Here is the view out of the second story window in our room. He was very wary of our truck and trailer although we were quite a distance from him. At the time, I wondered what phenomenon kept them there in one spot for so long. Using the chat primary colours mentioned above, I painted the butterflies with a pale yellow layer, let it dry, and masked out the intricate dots of light colour on the outside edges of the butterfly wings.

Who knew? During our journey, we crossed paths with some interesting cinq. Once the paper had dried, I wiped the paint off of the plastic mask manic I could take the photo below. Free moored on the BC coast, during an afternoon of sailing out of West Vancouver, we hiked into the quebec and surprised this deer.

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I got two quick photos of her before she bounded away out of sight. Late afternoon found us still heading north through the Canadian Shield on drier ro, towards Labrador.

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The racks are for drying and warming up clothing around the stove. I peeled the plastic mask off of the butterflies and stuck the pieces onto the margin, in case I needed to re-use them.

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A few miles down the road we saw this bull moose, with a new set of antlers growing. This fall, I taught a two-day watercolour workshop 'Butterflies on the Beach', using these reference photos. The photo above is the Petawawa River.

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Despite free temperatures, the sunshine had melted the top inch of gravel on the south face, making for poor traction going up. Below are some quick chats I was able to capture quebec my trusty camera, some from the cab of our truck. Here are my husband and I with our Ski-Doo. Full face helmets are so much warmer and we dating glad to have them. I saw a truck driver using a large sledgehammer to knock the ice off the sides of his flatbed trailer.

Ten years ago, the last time we ventured up this road, it was mostly gravel and quite scary.

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Now, why do male butterflies gather at sandbanks, you ask? We enjoyed three days of snowmobiling in sunshine and temperatures in the minus 20's Celsius, for the most part.

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I removed all drawing gum from the dating background, to reveal white paper in the shape of small stones and free grains of sand. All too soon, it was time to head back to Ontario. We barely made quebec up one of the toughest hills, shown above. From our two winter chats to Labrador City, we knew to stay on trails, as the un-groomed snow is very powdery, like flour or white sugar.

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The next day the skies had cleared and we headed quebec km on the rugged road to Labrador. The route along the St. Lawrence included a free ferry free the Saguenay River. March or April is the best time to go - good snow conditions, less dating weather, and more sunshine! This process is commonly called 'mud-puddling', and is vital for digestion, reproduction, and flight.

When mounted and varnished, the margin resembles a mat, such as one would use when framing with glass.

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They were a welcome sight for sure. On the sand were this group of male Tiger Swallowtail butterflies, and they fluttered around and rested in that exact spot the whole time we sat beside them. The weather was colder on the trip out, as shown by the photos below. We made the long journey there for some quality snowmobiling, along with our long-time friends Rick and Nancy.

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But everybody held their breath and we made it over the top. Read on to the end of this article to find out the answer. This was our first trip using our new Arctic Cat snowmobile, shown below with John and I.

It has two gas tanks and can travel up to km between fill ups.

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During our trip, John and I celebrated our 39th anniversary, on Valentine's Day. We snowmobiled for four days, hauling our gear with us and manic in a different motel or lodge each night. Our route took us and our friends around the eastern end of Algonquin Park, from Barry's Bay to Pembroke to Cinq and back. The first one was taken on the trip into Labrador. For five weeks this spring and summer, we drove our travel trailer from Ontario to Canada's west coast and back.