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How to talk to a random girl

Think of this list of random questions to ask a girl like stretching before exercising. Use these questions to ask a girl like an interpersonal warmup that will help you get to know her better and prepare you for great conversation. These questions also make great conversation starters for couples.

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This is how you approach a random girl, start a conversation and then ask her out. Whenever you approach a girl especially if one is a random and prettyyou might sweat, stutter a lot or even your brain might freeze at some moment. You need to make sure that this does not happen.

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I think to myself everyday what was she thinking and why did she jest on me with a random stranger. Some may not like it, but I'm certain that some also will like it. Share Facebook.

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Imagine it was off-line. If you message this girl constantly and call her names like cutie, its creepy. Advice: If you like her, talk to her, but show interest. I personally hate hearing words like 'dear' and 'honey' from strangers, so I don't recommend that. Would you tell everything about yourself to a complete stranger and share some pictures to top it off? Your right, BUT as a man going to dating website is a complete waste of time.

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Lifesbeautiful Xper 3. Many strange guys use it to try and harrass girls they don't know. Of course for the ones who say its okay I am so happy girls like you would give a guy a chance.

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Some girls will accept you like the girls who accepted my guys and some girls won't accept I guess it all depends The way I see it, something really good or really bad would happen. You don't go looking for someone to cut your grass at your doctors office do you?

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Just don't say anything awkward or creepy. Won't that be "coming on too strong"? It's no different than a dating profile on a dating site. Add Opinion. I did this once I was a fan of an amusement park and made a comment on a post.

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I mean if it happened again and as long as you were around the area where I am I may add you but if your in like california and friending me and I'm in ohio I likely won't add you. I use it for bussiness and have over friends and get request daily, I can't use Facebook for personal things.

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Hope this helps! I might chat with you if we have a bunch of mutaul friends, or if I heard about you, or have seen you around, but if you are just a total stranger, then no. I find it a little creepy and don't like it Now my social interest on the other hand sends friend requests all the time to random girls that will like his comment that he made on some picture oretc and they all accept it and he becomes good friends with them.

Use logic, don't be thirsty.

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Gawesome Xper 7. It's like being rich, and buying your favorite car. This kind of happened to me sort of, I managed to look at my ex gfs messages, this random guy started to chat her up, her replies were flirty and there was no hint of saying she already had a boyfriend, he even asked her to send pics of her so he could 'see' her better and she did.

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As long as it seems like genuine interest not in looks and it's not creepy, it's fine. Or She is just a total creep herself. That's just the way it is and the atmosphere. If you are just after friends and want to "meet people" as you claim, why only girls?

How to ask a random girl out (10 steps that work every time)

Its like cat calling if I were to just be out in public walking and a guy yells at me "damn girl you sexy! I talk you were supposed to first get to know each other? So I messaged him just saying hi and what he did where he worked and he didn't reply right away until 2am that night. Funny enough, I did this a few times but not as friends I saw a friend of mine flirting heavily with this cute girl who I don't know on their wall post so it was public so I decided to have some fun Jack Xper 5.

For myself I never call a girl honey etc because it's just socially wrong. Girls, can I message a random girl on Facebook just to get to know her as a friend? Travelover8 Xper 4. It was nothing I said wrong, nothing about my face lol it was because there are WAY to how men messaging girls. I do however compliment on her personality, never on her looks. Many girls use it just to connect with their own friends and random friends, people they know. This one guy sent a pic of his penis to one of my friends, she only added him because she thought he was interested in her business. Also, I'm friends with people on Facebook who I don't know; I probably friended them because I thought they were hot.

Try Meetup. Yeaha lots of guys do this, because guys are not sure on how to talk to a girl you know.

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I was still up but about to go to bed and he said he wanted some company in his bed and other stuff I said I didn't do that blocked him, and then went to bed. Why not talk to random guys and bypass the possible problems, that will inevitably come from their presumption you are looking for a girlfriend. I agree with most replies on here that it is pretty creepy the whole idea and something I won't do as their intentions are usually to hook up.

If you're gonna friend random peeps, they'll peruse your profile to get a feel of who you are if they're the curious type. And no girl needs more of that nonsense. I have had girls randomly say "damn talk you sexy! For the ones saying it's not okay well, we will never cross worldslol Thank u. Godhuntress Xper 5. A little jealous and annoying but oh well. Just adding a completely random girl you don't know, IS creepy. Gotta get her trust, relaxed and comfy. Seriously it took me 5, messages to get a date with a girl, and we did become boyfriend and girlfriend lol.

How Now! Sort Girls First Guys First.

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No different than talking to a girl in real life. The main thing which makes me think that a guy likes me is when he compliments me a lot, talks to me a lot and sends me lo of kisses. Or am I wrong? Easy on the flirty business right away or else she'll assume you're a creeper. She knows nothing about you and you are basically requesting access to all her private data.

I've been with her for 5 years. I also figure that they have hit up many girls they don't know on Facebook too just to see which one will take the bite. If its looks, she has to call me cute first. But it depends on how social she is. If someone drops the word "friend" in there after a while of knowing each other, it's not looking great. Oh and keep your fb profile clean and appropriate.

It obviously works! Which translates to, you are looking to be friend zoned.

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I figure that most guys who do that are not really interested in getting to know me as a person, they are just trying to be discreet about trying to get some booty. If you message her sometimes and just causally talk and maybe hint at hanging out, then its fine. If they just talk to me, without those three things, then I usually just think they like me as a friend.

Its suspecious. Meaning, you are looking for a girlfriend, but are too scared to do so openly.

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So I, personally, would die of joy if some hot guy who I'm friends with but I don't know talked to me. If you sincierally random to ask a girl at the club to be your talk, she is gonna think you are a drunk creep. Now that's silly.

Not because I don't want to, it's because it is extremely impossible to get a date on those things. Unless of course, their presumption is right. I accepted because I thought it would be cool to talk to an employee there and maybe we could be friends and so on. This in turn makes women have A LOT of options. And if you do add a random girl, let them at least an acquaintance. I just have no interest in trying to meet guys on Facebook. Do you girls like it, if a friendly guy just wanted to girl to you and get to know you better, even though you never met, but hey he wants this how option to get to know people.

Or, she would be flattered that you thought of her and you could start a nice relationship. I am going out and meeting women, but when there is down time; like 2 in the morning and no party to go to, I need some other way to spend time meeting people. Depends on how you go about it. In the end, don't let it be you.