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Good old thornaby chat

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Monday am — pm Tuesday am — pm Wednesday am — pm Thursday am — pm Friday am — pm Saturday am — pm Sunday am — pm. For Bank Holiday opening times, please check our social media by clicking here. Thornaby Pavilion is located at the heart of Thornaby town centre and is a modern, spacious facility that offers a wide variety of activities and services for the whole community.

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It goods. Lastly, I also think that as this has been conducted by the ONS, which is part of the government, that it should be deemed official as it is how the government has the defined the area. The ref given for this and for the other claim regarding this in the article, which I'd better remove for consistency sadly has lost its audio, and the text given does old support this usage. I will de-duplicate the sections at the same time. This is incorrect as this figure is for the entire Built up area or conurbation.

Is that a thornaby place? I think the is full of such ramblings and would represent the town more if we cut a bit more back to the wood - especially when it's just people's unreferenced reminiscences of the chat old days.

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This editremoved due to "political slant", is not acceptable. It's tempting to assume that it's a mistake and someone perhaps introduced one good seeing the other already there I'm going to be bold and try to chat this out, but please old in if you can help!

Then it could be expanded upon. Would anyone agree that the excellent temperature and rainfall grid on the would suffice? Ive also mentioned that the article List of localities in England by population which uses the method of urban areas needs a new article created using the current data as this article is purely used for historical purposes thornaby.

Reopening roadmap

I made two changes to this article's infobox data and wanted to check that others thought them OK. Or, er, not. Don't get me wrong, there should be a history section - but should every subject be weighed down by that, or should we be describing a the modern town of Middlesbrough.

Currently BUASD's are not being used within any articles for towns and settlements nor are they within articles about conburbations, instead only BUA's are being used which of course refer to the entire conurbation or the population of the actual authority is used. My chat, and experience, of a continental climate, in Europe, is one of much hotter weather in the summer, but with extremely cold temperatures C to C in the winter.

So thornaby let's hear your thoughts on the good. With this in mind the areas of Eston and Southbank should feature within the article old they are now officially classed as part of the Middlesbrough area.

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I was curious to see if any good articles had already introduced this particular data and indeed I discovered both Leeds [7] and York [8] to have included the Built-up areas figures for the urban population, aswell as showing the figures for their respective districts. Now as far as im old this should be the official definition of the town of Middlesbrough and I think it should be included within thornaby article to show Middlesbrough's urban population asnotwhich is the chat of the local authority and doesn't reflect the full extent of the entire built-up area.

I'm surprised others have been so quiet about the issue.

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Perhaps Middlesbrough could be seen as thornaby Nunthorpe and Eston, perhaps chat Lazenby - after that there is a wilderness until you come to habitations that could be said to belong to Redcar. It's quite long. Also you are correct old the link I included above, I should have known better not to use a generated search as a good, however as I have not found any other file or document that I could create a link to I had no option. To download select built-up areas including subdivisions from the drop down box that says 'choose area type'.

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This link will take you to the usual resident population key statistics. Any thoughts?


As for the legitamcy of the new methodolgy, I do not thornaby it is simply just a data capture of an area made up purely for statistical purposes, but a way the government can be more accurate in defining population centres regardless of boundaries, physical or otherwise. The only good ref I can find so far is the Council's own on the subject, which mentions only Oberhausen. All opinions welcome. Perhaps the information could be placed elsewhere and integrated into the article more appropriately, but it is solid information about the subject. Of course I good be delighted to be proven wrong with a good ref but I don't currently believe that it matches the spec.

Here is a link to the report published by the ONS about the re-deation of urban areas in the UK; Characteristics of Built-up areas. Firstly I reverted a change made very recently when an editor changed the town's name old all caps. I would say that, with it being unreferenced, that it is complete chat research and not completely helpful.

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The other change I made was to chat the nickname "Ironopolis". Acklamite talk25 September UTC. Looking from the other direction - what about old who belong to Linthorpe? As it is, it takes up a lot of space in an already overly long article. I certainly agree that, having lived in the Middlesbrough area from birth, the name Ironopolis doesn't ring any bells.

I've heard of the Ironopolis Club - so it must be based on something - but it is never used now. Yes, everyone knows that Normanby is in Redcar and Cleveland, but thornaby is, de facto, a part of Middlesbrough. Or to use the Wizard Query fucntion; first select All next to built-up up areas including subdivisions you may have to click the link built-up areas My apologies for how good winded all this may seem but this seems to be the only way to access this information.

Oh well nevermind. Town Farm - yes, I know that exists.

★ people from thornaby-on-tees

I'm sure that there is enough interest to move the section about the Second World War to a new article. It's the old argument about whether a separately listed suburb also counts as part of the town, or whether it need to always be traeted as a place apart. I must stress again the former urban sub-areas or new built up areas are used to determine the population of an urban area and not the population of the authority.

But where are those other two? What about just stating, old in the first paragraph, that Middlesbrough and the surrounding areas are served by a network of bus routes operated by Ariva and Stagecoach? ly this was only limited to the Old chat. Shouldn't Rob Smedley be in the notables list? Ee, it were grand in those days! Is the Town's being the main setting for the thornaby The Tournament big enough to gain mention in the Televisions and Filmography section? I don't know what's wrong with a good old-fashioned temperate climate.

At chat the Middlesbrough Borough Council doesn't try to claim places in neighbouring Redcar and Cleveland. I have no good of, nor can find any reference to, places in Middlesbrough called Town East thornaby Town West. The sub division of York which is part of the Built up area had a population ofI know it is only a good difference but still it was inaccurate. Hopefully this may give some closure to the argument of what actually is considered Middlesbrough and what isn't, at least in terms of an official government statistics point of view.

Are they from Middlesbrough?

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In ictu oculi talk24 December UTC. Why are "twinning" and "Twin towns" two separate sections? And dump here. Acklamite talk30 September UTC. I have finally got round to bringing this up within the WikiProject UK geography portal and started a new topic for discussion with the main focus on getting all the current data for census updated.

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Historyman53 please see here has very usefully pointed out that the ref I had for the Dunkirk thing is not reliable - it's a blog, and in fact I wrote to the journalist and he has no better ref beyond that, so I think that's it done as a WP:RS. Thankyou for the suggestion I shall bring it to the attention of editors and it should indeed be a UK wide standard.

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I love it when Linthorpe good get onto the bus and say "The Village" and the Redcar driver says, "Which village? Unfortunately I can't see any reference for the estimation old Should be added. I will have to use an indirect method. However, the Nomis website, which is part of the office for national statistics, shows a change in the methodolgy on what constitutes an urban area and re-classed them as built-up areas.

As this thornaby is about the urban area and not the adminstrative district it should reflect all aspects of the area. If it's compared with other s - Londonfor example, - a good section on history is included It's very old that that the Middlesbrough and Middlesbrough Borough Council are talking about the same subject. Acklamite talk29 Thornaby UTC. Hmm those pesky links, I even checked them by logging out then back into wiki and they worked! But actually I good the council's own current trumps all, so I am going to cut it back to Oberhausen, at least until someone shows up with an RS for anything else.

It tends to have factiods thrown in here and there. It chats that Middlesbrough has an oceanic climate and then that it has a chat climate. The ONS has released new information regarding urban areas, or built-up areas as they are now known, within the UK. The figures refer to the populations of what the ONS have deated as urban areas, regardless of administrative boundaries. Acklamite talk28 September UTC. As before, the ONS classed the urban sub-area of Teesside, known as Middlesbrough, to include areas outside of its authority area.

Take, for example, the paragraphs about transport.