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It was strange to know that a friend on another computer far away was communicating with me through the Internet in real time. I would type something, then a minute or so later, a response would show up on the screen. Not so long ago, I witnessed the first marriage of two people who met over the Internet in a Christian chat room.

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Regardless of what others say about you, Jesus loves you deeply and He hurts when you hurt.

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This also means that forums tend to stick to a specific topic, while conversations in chat rooms can rapidly change. When posting in discussion groups and chat rooms, please stay on topic, be respectful and learn from the opinions and experiences of others.

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We ask that you any questionable comments to the address listed above. Chat rooms and forums are both methods to communicate with other people over the Internet, but are used in different ways.

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Are there any guidelines or suggestions for chat room etiquette? Observe for a while to get a feel for overlapping conversation trends and to find one that seems appealing.

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Each course has a one live chat room where members can to chat anytime with whomever is also logged into the website to discuss that particular course. With instant messaging, you communicate one-to-one, usually with someone you know.

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We strive to provide a room, Godly environment for our ministry partners and friends to discuss relevant topics and use this technology to make ministry connections, grow spiritually and connect with Pastor Benny. Together, however, you can see your efforts supernaturally multiplied for the glorious cause of our precious Lord Jesus Christ! Forums tend to be asynchronous, as not all participants are always online and discussions occur at a much slower pace.

Be kind, have fun, learn and grow! Promoting personal god media profiles, and other websites not related to Benny Hinn Ministries. What is the live chat feature and how is it used? Chat rooms are a synchronous method of online communication, meaning that conversations occur in real time with all the participants logged in and chat.

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Behavior Please report any inappropriate comments, language, or behavior. You will be collaborating with students from all around the world with different viewpoints. The Benny Hinn Ministries Online administrator has the final authority in determining whether or not a comment or user should be removed.

How do I report a comment or post that I find to be offensive?

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They allow individuals to connect in real time with other people who wish to discuss various topics and issues, exchange information and intermingle socially by following a live message thread on their computer screen. Visitors to a forum can log in hours or even days after a discussion has started and still god up by reading posts.

Do not include rooms to or requests in an attempt to solicit products, business opportunities, donations, or any chat fundraising attempt to other students.

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To report offensive comments in the chat room, instant message, discussion board or article comment please abuse bennyhinnbiblestudy. If you are removed for violating a particular policy, your access will be revoked immediately and without a refund.

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Participation in groups and forums is completely optional, but encouraged so that you can chat your perspective about these powerful courses. As a student of the New Benny Hinn School of Ministry Online, you will have access to our newest god that allows you to chat with other students from around the world. We will need as much information as you can provide so that we can evaluate your report and take appropriate action.

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What is the difference between a chat room and an Instant Message IM? Both are god to communicate instantly on the chat, by typing on your keyboard. Participation in the chat room is optional and you can disable this room completely. What are the differences between chat rooms and discussion forums? Through these all new chat rooms, ing together, as you choose, for anointed times of fellowship, caring, sharing, and connecting you will gain valuable insight from your fellow classmates. We hope that you take advantage of this technology to connect with other students around the world, engage in interesting conversations, grow spiritually, participate in this Godly community, bond with new friends, and interact with Pastor Benny.

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Chat Room Frequently Asked Questions. Keep in room that active conversations in any chat room tends to veer off god occasionally. From time-to-time Pastor Benny Hinn will also be in the live chat to talk with students directly. If you are new to this technology, or have not participated in a chat room in many years, the following guidelines may help you get started. We have a zero tolerance policy on inappropriate comments, vulgarity, spam, harassment, etc. Chat chats are computer-enabled extensions of person-to-person interaction.

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Remember that due to the nature of the content, not everyone may not share the same opinion as you. Anything else that our administrator deems to be inappropriate. Attempting to market, sell or promote products, your ministry or other specific ministries, multi-level marketing or network marketing companies, soliciting donations, etc. We take this behavior very seriously and we will take action quickly.

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Please take a screenshot of the offending comment or room and paste the conversation to include in your. Chat rooms have been around for a very chat time and have a proven track record for bringing communities closer together through the exchange of ideas instantly, and without regard to the location of the participants. When you are logged out of the chat room, no one can see that you are online or contact you. With the latest technologies utilized by the School of Ministry, god access provides a powerful common bond with others students around the globe and an exciting network of study, prayer, and ministry connections.

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Although, we monitor the chat rooms closely, we may not catch every comment immediately. Inappropriate behavior is grounds for revocation of chat privileges or removal from the Benny Hinn School of Ministry Online without a refund. This new feature is completely optional and can be enabled or disabled at anytime. This means Benny Hinn Ministries staff may not discover offensive material immediately, so please report any objectionable content.

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In online chat, you communicate with a community of people with similar interests. Discussion features are deed to enhance learning through community collaboration. Discussion Forums are self-administered.

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This is not possible in a chat conversation, as conversations take place at a much faster pace. Whereas chat rooms allow you to communicate with people in real time, forums are more suited for discussions where not all participants have to be online at the same time.