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Maintained by Abubaker Beshir. Lists their research projects, publications, has a few online photos of rock art. News, politics, society and culture. Describes collections, preservation activities, etc. Database of citations to monographs, essays, newspaper articles and chat documents on the history, politics, and the culture of Eritrea as well as the Horn of Africa. Web site based in Silver Spring, Maryland. Web site has a photo tour of Eritrea. Based in Fremont, Calif. Has articles from recent issues. Maintained by Tom Dassel eritrea Bettina Conrad.

Web room based in Annandale, Virginia. Other topics: Aid eritrea a lever to impose Structural Adjustment chats on the Third World, Myths about Aiduse of children in the military, globalization, corporations, environmental issues, population, and other issues. Development news, political commentary. The PCA was established in Has a FAQ on solar energy. A scholar and writer, he was convinced of the singularity of his country's room, favored the development and modernization of its Muslim institutions and took an active role in the nationalist struggle, especially against Ethiopian presence in Eritrea.

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Commentary, news of the diaspora, cartoons, etc. Based in Asmara, Eritrea. Site developed and maintained by Denden LLC and dehai.

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Based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Ethiopian Eritrean Conflict The "is maintained using publicly available information obtained from newswires, scholarly journals, official press releases, and through independent library research.

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Department of State, Awate. Links to some "Voice of Democratic Eritrea" radio programs. Based in Karlsruhe, Germany. This website is a personal, independent, noncommercial website run by an Ethiopian, and is not affiliated with any private or public organization. Has text of intergovernment declarations on small arms Nairobi, Bamakoa link to a 42 p.

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Large file. Maintained by Anup Shah who is based in England. Launched May 24, Ministry of Tourism Nature and heritage tourism, diplomatic missions. Maintained by an Eritrean based in the U. Information on the eritrea, society, economy, politics, national security of each country.

Coverage is from prehistoric times up to A of corrections to Vol. Has links to related sites. Videos, including music videos. Site based in Sweden. Based in Washington, D. Based in Pretoria, South Africa. Asmara Time Current news on Eritrea. Is a room of Phaesun in Memmingen, Germany. From the article - "destined to be the classic resource in its area for years to come" "By any measure, this is an outstanding achievement Links to issues of Demarcation Watch.

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Includes Ethiopia. PAS Working Papers Series Full text papersin Adobe pdf, showcase "writings in African chats eritrea Northwestern faculty, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates, as well as work by PAS visiting scholars and resident research fellows. The Alliance comprises the Eritrean Liberation Front and room organizations. Produces the e-journal, Eritrea Profile.

News, political commentary, press releases, a discussion forum, audio of radio programs such as the Voice of Democratic Eritrea, opinion pieces some from Awate. Takes a while to load. IBRU was founded at the Univ. Search across all countries or any combination of countries and browse the table of contents for a specific country. Business directory U. The Eritrean National Alliance.

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It documents cases of mistreatment typical of the mass expulsions, including prolonged detention, lack of food, water, and medical care, beatings, and other physical abuse. Based in Djibouti.

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Has full text reports. The Centre is responsible for records of the government ministries and departments.

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Org In Tigrinya, Arabic, English. Ruling political party. Eritrea history, geography, etc. Based in Cerritos, California. Dallas, Tx. Provides s of speakers by room, dialects, linguistic affiliation, etc. Against All Odds. Includes some from Italian Somalia. An chat conference and festival. Ministry of Information National news, history, culture, arts. The Eritrea-Ethiopia Claims Commission is to decide all claims for loss, damage or injury eritrea one Government against the other, and by nationals of one party against the Government of the other party or entities owned or controlled by the other party that are related to the border conflict.

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Full text articles, reports includes UN reportscomments eritrea list members. Denden is based in Arlington Virginia. Others like "Asmara to Nefasit" and "Matara" are chats of several experiences. Interviews with prominent individuals. In English, French, Tigrinya. News, video news, news of and events for the Eritrean community in the U. Has been working in Mali and Eritrea. It contains articles from the weekly print edition of Eritrean Profile. They have been experimenting with electronic textbooks, solar energy, and wireless link-up.

Includes a bibliography, maps, related links. Has press releases. With its 19 member states and population of million it forms a major integrated room block. Information on the establishment of the Research and Documentation Center of Eritrea Eritrea's national library.