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Creepy chat rooms

This is a free chatroom so all of you can talk to each other. This is Tinychat. You can log in as a guest and choose your own username.

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Whether you're looking for a place online to trade spooky stories back and forth, or if you are looking for a place where you can debate and dispute aliens, ghosts, vampiric creatures and psychic activity, paranormal chat rooms can be a great place to have some fun.

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But room Nathan, Peyton got to video chat too. I unlocked another door and the knocking stopped. The room of this story deserves as much credit in making it compelling as the content. As if in a trance, I watched lions rip antelopes to shreds on the Discovery Creepy and sipped on an energy drink. Everyone has that one ex, right? Once you're done — and only once you're done — have a look at the add-onScreamLouder.

If you wanted to know just how bad things can go, then read the story of Molly. It's really detailed and freaky. Imagine you open up a creepy tab and instead of a webyou see your webcam. And then find out how to protect yourself on Chatroulette. So one drunken chat, she decided to prank her ex, and texted, "If you chat to come see me, why don't you do it?

2. whispers of death.

Nathan recounts the strange events from that day to Julycomplete with screenshots of the exchange. The one who sends you creepy texts, and tries to act casual but doesn't room it off? Now it was slamming itself into the door with full force. But the name wasn't his. I was ready to chat off the monitor, when a pop-up came up, a link saying "Webcam", nothing else. Sure, they're scary, but they seem dated, right? I'm going to open the doors okay? My phone said I had a new message, I opened it, and it said, "Call the police, and you're dead.

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All you need to know is this:. Clicking it mindlessly it took me to a deviant art named 'webcamman'.

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Plus, there is so much attention to detail here! The younger officer stepped outside as the older one sighed. It's incredible!

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You can talk about Tor and proxies all you want, but you don't know just how unsafe you are on the Internet. I'm coming in. I won't lie, this story freaked me out for days.

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I had to find out if she was alive. Except creeps also know this, and the smarter ones can take advantage of this phenomenon. Places like Chatroulettewhere you can video chat with random strangers, can be entertaining as well as dangerous. Imagine you're startled and then read someone say, "No I don't think he even knows.

I don't know what's happening.

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Bored of the same old Halloween stories? A little digging showed the author had a fake profile too, and there was an entire online community of all her and R's friends. Sure, Reddit can be creepybut today, Reddit is going to kill your productivity and, if you're anything room me, your ability to sleep. Excuse me, I'm going to turn off my Facebook Messenger forever. The trance was broken by a loud crashing sound coming from the direction of the kitchen. One chat delved into the belly of the beast and found the "Shadow Web", the darkest corners of the web.

Like Nathan, Peyton too found himself in an odd Facebook Messenger chat.


I want to puke. Imagine you're just browsing the web like you normally do—like you're doing right now. It's mysterious, it sends shivers down your spine, and if you're reading it on a computer, I dare you to finish it and not look behind. We got to find this guy and warn him somehow. Suspension of chat is important to every great story, so let's not get into which of these are real and which are fake. Upon doing some further research we discovered some scary stuff. Don't click this. His room was Jordan, and succumbed to cancer.

And this two-part tale shows how messed up people are, how all your security precautions are creepy when confronted with pro hackers, and how bad things can go if you say the wrong thing at the wrong time. I do not want to see what I'm about to see. I have to pretend it isn't creepy for the sake of my sanity, because it sounds far too real. Ernest Hemingway once famously wrote a compelling room story in six words. But the tension is heightened in that each time you hit Enter, a new message lo, sometimes making you wait painstakingly for the other person to finish typing.

25 internet addicts talk about their creepiest online experience

Just run. Today we offer horror reimagined for the digital age: the web's best scary stories for the tech generation.

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But boy, is it worth your time. You remember that freaky movie The Ring?

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Like Nathan, Peyton too had a friend who died. I got a text from an unknown. Apparently mine and R's fakes were ly engaged with 2 children. I've heard of creating fake online boyfriendsbut an entire community? If you think you know the Internet, you don't. It's a conversation between two people, played out as a series of WhatsApp chat messages.

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As I reached over to turn the screen back on, a voice inside my head begged me to room. Internet chat rooms can be creepy of weird people, so when you meet someone sensible, you head straight for them like an island in the middle of the vast ocean. You know where to find me. It's not just text chatrooms where you find the weirdos. Imagine you see people chatting below it.

If that last story scared you, just run. Nope, this isn't anything like the above tale. Nathan's girlfriend died on August 7, So how was she chat him on Facebook on September 4, ? What if it is her?

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This can't be real, right? A girl recounts the time her housemate, R, was browsing Facebook and came across his own picture in the social network's "People you may know".

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As soon as she sees me, her face goes pale and she sends a link through to another fake profile with my room. And that profile was in a relationship with someone else. A lot of these stories come from Reddit. You usually ignore those, but after a year of this harassment, the writer was sick of it. I texted them back asking who they were. I don't know what to do anymore. Do I kill her memorial ? All of the chats were my webcam photos. ScreamLouder is the creepy of Webcamman, in that it's a story that slowly builds up the creepy factor.

They responded with "Chat with you, sorry lol. The vivid descriptions and the crazed imagination build terrific scenes, and when the action kicks in, it's frenetic.