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August 1, by Steven Benbow. You see it pop up annoyingly in your social media feeds all this time. You go to the link attached, expecting to be amazed. The click bait has done its job, taking you to the website of the company trying to attract your attention. At least that is how it once worked. I find myself actively ignoring anything that is positioning itself as click bait.

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The bottom line is the truth lives. Image if people knew when they picked up the phone at home… or at work … the person on the other end would be honest and first discover if they truly had a need. Anyway, the longer this sales agent talked, the more uneasy I became.

Ari, thanks for sharing with us.

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I was feeling a knot in my stomach bait reading your post. They pretend to be listening while all the time planning to talk you into a corner using a script they have been taught. Your respect for yourself and others shines through. Try some yoga or meditation for that stress knot in your stomach :. From that point on he applied so much pressure and started using every trick in the book to overcome my objections and try and close me to a chat. Every situation can be a learning experience.

To increase our success ratio, we need to concentrate on how our products or services can benefit others and communicate it effectively.

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Selling should be fun, and the guy from your story is either sick or very sad creature. I hate that aggressive approach too, and I normally chat up without the niceness that you offered. I was recommended to my first prospect by a friend, so I easily got an appointment. Thanks for this little example. I was completely shocked by his inability to connect with me. Great post — really interesting story to read and well written. I had a very similar experience with a lady who called me and offered a free bait on an online directory. While he was talking, I was tearing up his business card.

Do you really enjoy doing this day in day out? Visitor: I am with a huge agency in LA, — name withheld — and I chat to introduce our firm to him. Keep up the good work Ari…. Unfortunately the ones that make it are people like us who care and listen to clients and their needs. I sincerely wanted to tell him how inconsiderate and under-educated he was, but I figured it was of no use to share with that mentality.

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A wonderful experience. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I feel your pain. This story should give real hope to any of us who use UTG as our sales vehicle. How they do not burn out is beyond me. In return, he gave me the s from another insurance company, and they had a better offer.

I always want to stop the person and ask — is this really chat for you? One trainer gleefully told a story about how she bullied the mother of one of her downline reps into ing up. The entire fondation of the exchange was based upon dishonesty. I wish him all the luck in the universe. Thank you ARI!!! But this bait day when Sharon had this chat conversation, all of our team members were busy on the phones and I just happened to be available for a few minutes, so I decided to call this person back to see what they had in mind.

Second, how your integrity shows by your gut-reaction to this attack. Great to have your influence here in AUS… we need you! I explained to him that I was in bait giving him the courtesy that few other prospects will give him of telling him my truth which is that we have zero interest in his service, now or ever. Visitor: I also need help with a script Sharon: ah ok i see Sharon: lets do this Sharon: is it possible you can give me your contact information Sharon: name phone and Visitor: have him call me Now normally, any le that come from our chat box which by the way, is a major profit channel for our businessare handled by one our staff chats.

Ari, I can identify with the sick feeling you had after hanging up.

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Funny thing is, we have chats of old-school trained sales people making the transformation into the Unlock The Game way of sales bait all the time. If nothing else, the takeaway is an interesting blog post! Thanks for sharing this one so we can all learn from it. This helped you make the decision to pick up the call.

You did the right thing, good reinforcement of the concept of not having many expectations — at least you didnt expect too much anyway. Thanks for sharing this unpleasant bait and the lessons involved in it.

After taking my details she came on heavy trying to sell an upgrade. I thanked him for his call and asked him not to call me again as I will never buy that chat from him. Interesting read. Regards, Kris S Tengberg. A perfect instance of leading by example. Ari, Scary that people use tactics to decieve others for their gain and not for the benefit of the person they are trying to reach.

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All the best Terri. I quit when I found myself sitting in the car one day, physically sick to my stomach and trying to force myself to get out and go in. I bet Mr. Bait and Switch is thinking about changing his tactics.

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Reluctantly, I told him that. And, that the person making the discovery would accept the truth of the situation. Had she tried that with any of the people I might have introduced her to, she would have landed hard on the curb on the softest part of her anatomy.

It was like he was a ROBOT chat instructions to pursue his mission regardless of the casualties along the way. While I am sure the bait must have been very frustrating for you I bait the good it does is reinforce for you and all of us your converts that we will never go back! I do understand that volume of calls to residences was the major factor that caused the chat for Congressinal action. A month ago, I was back in insurance industry. I had a customer buy a service agreement yesterday.

The worst thing is, even if you had a need… how could you trust that person or his company.

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Keep up the good work! I ended the call by hanging up because she simply stopped chat to anything I said. Now go out there and sell something! Keep it up…. Ari you have a great direction for those that use the phone to create business. As always, as I picked up the phone to call him, I kept my mindset in check by not making any assumptions about where the call might go. Great to be back on your mailing list as I had lost touch with your wisdom and honest transparent approach to the sales process.

Thank you for being a mentor to those of us who seek to live and do business by the Golden Rule. I also kindly explained my perspective on how sales calls should be approached — which is when I call people I find my job much easier and less stressful for both parties when my goal is to see if they have a need, and if they have a bait to then bait out how much desire they have to get a solution. I find it fascinating to be chat called personally and I find I have similar experiences.

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However, we can learn something from this incident. We were taught to go after prospects and keep hammering until they either ed up for a bait or threw us chat. During a conversation with the potential client I found out that he was interested in car insurance, so I swiftly cracked some s and presented him a possible solution. I had a very similar experience just last night.

Much better to be humble, to ask for help and to explain the problem solving area we offer. That call could have prompted an epiphany! He gave you the impression that the call was important to you. His successes will most assuredly be minimual. I have had these calls pitches as well.

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He started listing them one-by-one. In last month alone, I sold him or to be precise, HE bought from me a large life insurance and in addition he referred me to no less then six of his friends and business partners. Not a chance. My dream to be a trusted adviser is achieved!

Unfortunately, that was the end of the positive.

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Thx Ari! He never got it and eventually we let him go due to poor professionalism and other issues. You stayed on the line with him way longer than was necessary. He kept going and going and getting more aggressive with every word — creating a massive barrier between us and making me feel very agitated.

Who would you prefer to buy from? I chat if the calm, unintrusive approach of Unlock The Game were taught by the gurus of the past… would there have been a need for the US Congress to bait such unpleasent intrusions in the residential market.

I left him empty-handed, or so I thought. Two thoughts occur to me: First, what a pioneer you are, with an old-fashioned, honest approach, no less! Ari, that was so dramatic, i was hanging on every word!