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Be sure to check out the events calendar for on-property catwalks, local fashion shows, art exhibitions, DJs, and Mediterranean cuisine festivals. Select suites feature separate living rooms and terraces. Origens serves modern interpretations of traditional Mediterranean dishes while Bianco Mare offers authentic Italian cuisine.

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For example, our sellers provide video demos of products, payments are made virtually, and items are picked up with social distancing protocols in place.

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Sometimes my team members will apologize for the noise from or pet in the background, but the truth is that kids are not invading work life — companies are invading home life. Technology is about serving people, so you have to ensure that the end result solves problems to take care of users.

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Continue to your in 15 seconds or skip this ad. Writing with a fountain pen allows me to remember my psychological frame of mind during any given meeting based on my handwriting. One of my biggest challenges is keeping good notes from so many diverse meetings. Professional DevelopmentManagement. ML: eBay Classifieds Group encourages an innovative and agile culture. In her free time, Anna pursues her hobbies of reading, baking, and hiking in the Rockies with her goldendoodle.

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I want my team to understand this. That said, I now check in with my team more consciously. In the same way, managers should give people time to showcase their skills and processes.

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There are a lot of players in the online classifieds space, including Facebook Marketplace, and I believe my team and I can build something potentially groundbreaking to change the entire landscape of the industry. I set aside time for informal coffee hours where we connect and communicate relationally without a feeling of rank and position. ML: There's always a little bit of tension between technology and product teams. I found that off-shore teams provide really good service.

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Ming Lu, chief technology officer at eBay Classifieds GroupEmerging Markets, shares takeaways from his global e-commerce career and explains the people-first philosophy that guides his management style. Anna Vander Wall is a freelance writer and editor in the tech industry and beyond.

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November 30, By Anna Vander Wall. ML: I have three objectives for my team.

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In tough times, people want to buy items at a reasonable price, which often means shopping locally for used items. Do you have a methodology that helps you stay on track? If we found an issue late in the day, it would be addressed by the time we came in the next morning. AC: How would you describe your management philosophy?

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Technology solves many problems, but we shouldn't forget about the fundamentals. We discovered that other countries like the U. ML: In my view, global collaboration was more instrumental in the journey than in the end product. AC: What do you enjoy most in your career? At that moment, I realized we were totally aligned.

How has your global experience impacted your career? Ming Lu: My undergraduate and graduate degrees are in Computer Science, and I've worked in technology ever since. Now more than ever, executives need to focus on empathetic leadership.

People are finding creative ways to make this transaction safe. It was beautiful that we got to a point where we were advocating for each other.

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The goal of my work is to serve people and to improve their standard of living. Product teams focus on business initiatives and improving key performance indicators.

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AC: What has been a highlight for you in the last few years? People are people, not titles or output. Another important point is the perspective you gain from international collaboration. ML: It depends on the state of the team.

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Credit: Ming Lu. ML: E-commerce has, of course, expanded ificantly. I think of it like purchasing a house in winter — the curb appeal may change ificantly come spring when the flowers bloom.

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International collaboration has added a lot of fun and flavor to my career, and it has also given me a broader perspective. Second, I want them to know that they're part of a team of people they can call friends.

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For me personally, it was incredibly important to see the disadvantaged people who are using my app to flip cars for a living in remote cities where the unemployment rate is 33 percent. AC: How do you personally manage so many diverse projects at once?

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People: Ming Lu. Related Content. AC: How can executives successfully manage distributed teams during the lockdown? Was there a moment, either for you personally or for eBay, that you knew you were on the right track? Jobs Resource Guide Advertise. For example, we want to make the platform safer by eliminating potential scammers.

Before COVID, I even created an exchange program between offices so that people could learn new languages and cultures as well as new technologies.

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I helped set up the first overseas development team in China for Walmart. Ming Lu speaking at the Becoming eBay Summit. From the product perspective, our team is also adding new features that make buying and selling easier. ML: I love developing solutions that really delight our customers. I also do a lot more skip level meetings to ensure that everyone understands I'm available to them. Building chats with your team is just as important as delighting your customer. All Rights Reserved. View Comments. I just looked at my credit card statement from last month, and every item was an online transaction or a grocery delivery charge.

For example, when I was at Walmart Global eCommerce, we were researching local grown e-commerce services in the international markets.

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First, I want them to feel like they're learning by working with me. Executives need to make a commitment to their people and make themselves available and approachable. Avenue Code: Tell us about your personal career path. Organizations should avoid in-fighting at all costs and strive instead for empathy. Tech teams focus on the foundation, the infrastructure and the functionality.

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Companies and positions will come and go, but the relationships we foster along the way are what we hold on to. ML: You have to compartmentalize yourself and separate activities so as not to lose sight of the big picture. In the U. In Africa, for example, you have to be very sensitive to the bandwidth your website or app takes up.

ML: Because my team was already collaborating with distributed teams in San Francisco, Shanghai, and Cape Town, it was very easy for us to transition to working from home.

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